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Why i started a food blog?

Food blogging was a big passion of mine. To be honest when I was growing up I always wanted to become a teacher, but in what field I’d would work in I was clueless. I love to cook so I decided to start a food blog to teach you and many on how to cook for your everyday life. Even though I might not be teaching a class but I can still use my own website to help you make amazing meals on your daily basis.

What I like to do in my free time?

During my free time, I love to travel. Recently I traveled to the clingmans dome and walked the Appalachian trail. It was quite a experience! I’ll never forget on how long and tiering it was to walk up an elevation of 6,643 ft. I also enjoy going to cute ☕️ coffee shops, one of my favorites are heartwood coffee and east pole coffee.

I love❤️animals too!!!!

In the future………

Looking into the future I would love to travel 🧳 to Europe. Such as Italy 🇮🇹, France 🇫🇷, Germany 🇩🇪 and Switzerland 🇨🇭. It would be a great opportunity to try different athnicety of food! I would also love to some day own my own restaurant! Yep i know it isn’t that easy to achieve!

What nationality do I come from?

Yes I’m Ukrainian! Known as making perogies and borsh lol 😂! I was born and raised in America 🇺🇸 but both of my parents come from Ukraine 🇺🇦. So i guess I’m half & half!

Want a Ukrainian dish recipe?

How I fell in love with cooking?

Remembering my childhood memories I always loved to spend time in the kitchen. Every time we had guests over i always loved to help my mom cook and setup the table. I noticed that my passion for cooking grew more and more each year. For me I always knew it was a necessity to know how to cook, since you need to eat in order to be alive, Right?

Graduating high school I graduated with a medical assistant certificate. Long story short i wasn’t in love with my career option at that time. So I really had no idea what I was going to do next. Coming to conclusion at that time I loved to bake cakes 🎂. So I thought why not become an pastry chef 👩‍🍳. But changing my mind again I was like but do I really want to make sweets everyday?

So looking more in depth I decided to pursue my career in culinary arts. I graduated culinary school and here I am won’t stop cooking and started my own food blog to teach others my mistakes that I made in my culinary career, so they won’t be repeated. For those who read until this far, I am thankful and grateful that you are taking your time to get to know me better😊. I hope my life story can inspire you to fall in love with cooking!


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