Hi, my name is Maryana and Just-craving is my little corner on the Internet!

My Background:

I come from a Ukrainian background which is also where I got my love for cooking. Although I was born and raised in Ohio, I wish to live in France in the future!

How I got into Cooking:

My love for cooking began at a young age. As a family of 6 kids, we quickly learned to make food at home rather than spending more at a restaurant. Graduating high school with my Medical Assisting License, I knew that the medical field was not my calling. Deep in my heart, cooking is what always interested me. I pursued my cooking career and went to culinary school. Now, I want to use that knowledge and share many delicious recipes with you!

My Goals:

My goal with Just-Craving is to get you in the kitchen, cooking!😉 Discover many new recipes and ideas through my food blog.